10 August 2017

Why The Future Is Already Here

If you read my earlier blog on My Eureka Moment and The Air Conditioning Revolution, you will know that it was reading the first 22 pages of a book called ‘Entrepreneur Revolution’ that inspired me to follow my dream, start my own company and pioneer change in an industry that is struggling to keep up with the fast-paced, competitive and demanding world of Building Maintenance and Facility Management.

Why is it struggling?

Here are just some of the problems I see every day:

So, what’s the future?

We believe that the only way forward is to help FMs stay at the top of their game by efficiently combining services from within their business with external partners who believe in adding real value, enhancing services and working in true collaboration, in every sense of the word.

We believe that FMs need supply partners that will provide an integrated service, tailored around the specific needs of every single contract, to help them meet all of their objectives. Specialist partners who bring innovation and fresh ideas to the table and who can help with everything from engineer training and developing in-house teams to energy savings and sustainable solutions.

This is not outsourcing. This is co-sourcing.

It’s already here!

And this is not a pipe dream. Co-sourcing is what we already do.

Every single one of our contracts is bespoke, with our client’s and their client’s objectives at the core of everything we do. We pride ourselves on the peace of mind that our clients get, knowing that we are on hand to help them provide a service they can be proud of.

And with a background in design and innovation, we are passionate about constantly looking at ways to utilise the latest technology to work efficiently, save time, save energy, be completely transparent and come up with solutions that are right for our client - every single time.

Our motto is 'All Around You'.

Interested to find out more? I would love to have a chat. Just drop me a line at paul.blackford@cosourced.co.uk